Thursday, March 11, 2010

25 Tips from 25 PR Experts

The other day, Mark Regan of Ragan Communications tweeted a link to this article. It offers 25 tips from 25 different public relations experts. I found the tips to be helpful and insightful so I wanted to share them with you! Also, some of the tips were taken via twitter, which is just another reason to get on Twitter if you're not already!

Here are some highlights I pulled from the list (it was hard to pick a few, they're all great advice):

3. Brian Solis - PR Tips for Startups: No Two Bloggers or Journalists are Created Equal

4. Rafe Needleman - Tip #131 Lullaby: If you’re pitching me on the phone, talk to me. Don’t read me the flippin’ press release. It puts me to sleep.

14. Rob Bailey via Twitter: If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t - never lie, exaggerate or mislead just to get coverage, big mistake.

19. Lizz Harmon via Twitter: Whenever possible, use specifics in releases - instead of “heavy” say “500 lbs”.

20. Amy Mengel via Twitter: Companies should “favorite” positive tweets about them. Great way to assemble 3rd-party endorsements.

21. David Mullen - Five Tips for Media Relations Success: Before calling a reporter, look at the last five stories she’s written. What does she cover? Is your story relevant to her? Is it relevant to her readers?

Do you have any great tips to share? We love hearing from you, leave a comment!


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