Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fighting Crime With Social Media

Ok, so social media has come a long way and its no surprise when you hear the latest, greatest thing happening... but what about law enforcements utilizing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Check out this article on Masahable which highlights six ways law enforcement agencies are fighting crime.

1) Police Blotter Blogs
2) The Digital "Wanted Poster"
3) Anonymous E-Tipsters
4) Social Media Stakeout
5) Thwarting Thugs in the Social Space
6) Tracking and Informing with Twitter

It seems there are many police departments embracing social media, but they're are still apprehensions. For one thing, concerns about security of information and the possible liabilities could be issues. However, I think social media is a great tool to assist all institutions. Police departments and law enforcing organizations can only benefit. What do you think?


Bill Neagus said...

Social media is revolutionizing the world.

When I first entered the business world many, many years ago there were no such things as personal computers or faxes. Now everyone is walking around with personal computers the size of Pop Tarts.

Social media is transforming public relations in much the same way. It has become an essential element of any campaign. And I strongly believe it is also becoming an essential element of law enforcement.

We frequently hear about law enforcement personnel setting up stings on chat rooms, nabbing pedophilers. Social media is another extension of that effort. I just read today that Italian police recently were able to trace and apprehend an infamous member of the Italian Mafia because he was a Facebook addict.

Law enforcement should be patient, but use social media as a central tool in their arsenal.

Bill Neagus

Faith | UPrinting Coupons said...

Social Media has greatly influenced the entire world especially companies and businesses. Now, social media has greatly influenced even the law enforcement. Isn't social media becoming more and more influential.