Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Branding 103: Branding Toolkit

Now that we have a clean slate with our Google search and a well developed personal brand statement we are all ready to market our personal brand with a complete toolkit.

Business Card: A business card is a great way to leave a lasting impression with something tangible. A great business card includes a picture, your personal brand statement, and your professional contact (its important that your personal card matches your contact such as an

You can create your business cards at or share your business card through your mobile phone using or There is also, a great social network for creating and distributing your person business card.

Resume: A great way to extenuate your personal brand statement is through your resume. In the other interests section of your resume, add your personal brand statement or attributes exemplifying your personal brand statement.

Website/Blog: A website or blog can be a significant tool to market your personal brand. Your blog is YOUR voice. You can add and comment on related articles that exemplify your personal brand. Additionally with your own website, (complete with owning your own domain name) you can track what social media site, Twitter or Facebook, your audience is coming from.

LinkedIn Profile: Your LinkedIn profile is your resume, cover letter, references, social media handles, and your best platform to share your personal brand. Potential connections, and more importantly potential employers, can see and associate all this information with you in your next encounter.

Facebook and Twitter: For me I keep my Facebook personal while my Twitter is professional. Although I use both platforms differently, they both have similar same “about me” portions.
With your Twitter, you can customize your background to make it fit your personal brand using colors or a theme.

Email Signature: An email signature is a small way to help others identify you with your personal brand statement in everyday correspondence. PRowl’s Firm Director, Niki, Ianni, recently wrote a great informational piece on email signatures.

Just a brief general note to finish up your toolkit...
An easy way to keep your personal brand consistent is to use the same colors. For example PRowl Public Relations colors is maroon, yellow, black and white. In result, their Twitter, Facebook, website, and business cards all correspond with this color scheme keeping their brand consistent.

If you have anything to add to the branding segment please let us know!

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