Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Succeed as Young PR Professional

Today marks the end of my second last semester at Temple University. I’m proud of my accomplishments in college and I’m looking forward to graduation and starting a career in public relations. With this said, I’m beginning to get nervous about what happens after graduation. Will I have a job right away? Where will I be in five years? How about ten? I recently came across a blog post from Ragan Communications that calmed my nerves. 9 Pieces of Career Advice for Young PR Pros is definitely worth the read, especially for those about to enter the workforce. These are the three pieces of advices that really helped me mentally prepare for the end of my second last semester:

Stay Humble: I feel as though I accomplished a lot during college but college accomplishments don’t always translate into the real world. Stay humble and represent yourself as best you can without sounding pompous.

Stay Involved: I’m currently a member of five different clubs but what will happen once I graduate? I’ll join more, of course. Post-college clubs are great for networking and learning more about the PR industry.

Never Stop Learning: Just because you’ve graduated college doesn’t mean you know everything. Continue to ask questions and accumulate knowledge wherever life takes you!

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