Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There's a New Procrastination Tool in Town

While we all love wasting time on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is rapidly catching up to it's online competitors.

Needing a personal invite from a Pinterest member to join, the photo sharing site allows users to "pin" to manage your themed image collections. Just like Facebook, you can "friend" other users and "like" pins that they may have posted on their own boards.

There are more than a variety themes you can peruse, most popularly being food, apparel, hair, wedding, DIY, architecture, art, fitness tips, home decor, just to name a few. When these pins are clicked on, it usually leads back to the original website that the item can be purchased at or gives more similar items the user might enjoy. Soon enough talking about something you "repinned" the other day, will become just as socially acceptable as "tweeting" or "liking" a page.

Are you on Pinterest?

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