Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Networking: Taking it to the Next Level

PRowl’s Strat Comm account hosted a great networking event last Thursday featuring stellar alums of the department. Networking with those who already have a connection with you, such as their alma mater, can be a great way to get your foot in the door for potential internships or even possible job opportunities upon graduation, but how do you further the relationship? A great way to connect with those you have networked with is connecting with them on other platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Connecting on LinkedIn is the best route to go initially. The relationship is still professional and has a possibility to grow from here.

A great way to connect with your networked professionals is to send a message when you send a request to connect with them on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s generic, “I would like to add you to my professional network,” is impersonal and not a great way to start your relationship. When I network, I try to write something to remember them by on the back of their business card, such as past internships they have had, this can help you personalize the message you send them.
For example I recently sent out a message that looked like this:

Hello X,
It was great getting to know more about what you do for Vault Communications at the “No Nonsense Networking” event last Thursday. I was hoping you could tell me more about your experience interning at Tierney Communications.


A simple short, yet personal message will do just fine for starting off. Also, asking a question is a great way to build the relationship and have more interaction after your first initial meeting. The next step would be to follow them on Twitter. You can do this simultaneously or after you have been officially accepted to join their professional network. In my opinion, I believe it’s important to start with the LinkedIn only because it shows you’re serious about your future career.

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