Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Becoming A Successful Vlogger WITHOUT Learning The Hard Way

We have all seen those terrible, fly by night, want-to-be vloggers who log onto the internet armed with nothing but a camera phone and low quality bathroom lighting. Vlogging, or video blogging, is a great way to connect with an audience beyond the standard text-only blog post. Audiences love being able to put a face to a name or brand, and videos allow that and much more. Vlog posts give you an opportunity to let you true personality shine through to your audience. If you think vlogging is something you should try but you don't want to end up with videos like this one, keep reading for tips on becoming a successful vlogger.

Know your audience and talk to them: Be sure to speak and act in a way that will make whatever audience you are addressing feel comfortable. If you are aiming to target younger people, it may be better to take on a more relaxed tone. If you are targeting your superiors or other professionals, it may be better to speak in your "resume voice."

Quality over quantity: Viewers would rather see one video a week that is filmed on a decent camera and that has been edited correctly than a hundred low quality videos. Take the time to find the proper equipment to film your videos, or find someone to film them for you who knows what they're doing.

Keep it short: Don't bore your viewers with long, drawn out videos. Present the information to them in a fun, interactive, and interesting way. Try to keep your videos under 10 minutes to keep the audience engaged.

Look the part: Treat the days that you vlog like going to a film set! Make sure to put some work into your appearance and dress the part! It's your video, you should look like the star!

Have you ever vlogged before? What tips do you have for becoming a successful vlogger?


Unknown said...

That clip was funny. I have recorded a video before, with hopes of uploading it to my blog instead of a long explanation of words (That no one ever wants to read). The macbook pro quality was just not cutting it for my readers (no matter how small the audience is).

Anonymous said...

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