Monday, November 12, 2012

Reasons to NOT use Social Media for your Client

Social media is around every corner. Clients often use social media to raise awareness about their brand and to increase revenue or even attendance in certain cases. But social media isn't a good choice for everyone. Below are a few instances where social media probably isn't the route to follow:

Brand loyalists don't equal brand evangelists: Just because someone "likes" your brand on Facebook, it doesn't mean that they will be going around advocating for you. It's easy to assume that anyone who supports your  brand on social media sites is going to continuously support it. While this is sometimes true, it is not foolproof, and can be deceiving when evaluating success.
Facebook is great for reaching broad audiences, but not niche markets: This goes for all social media sites. Frankly, not everyone uses social media. And, depending on what kind of organization you are, social media just does not hit your target audience. Sure, some might catch on, but your goal is to use a tactic that will reach the majority of your audience.
An untended blog is a negative advertisement: Appearance is everything. If your company hasn't posted on its blog in months, then that reflects badly. The whole point of a blog is to engage your audience. If you are creating content that is mainly sales-focused, or none at all, then what is the point of a blog? In that case, then a blog is probably best at a later time, if at all.
Public feedback cuts both ways: While it is normal to receive some negative feedback, if it becomes an issue in the sense that it is overwhelming the positive, then it may not be worth having a social media presence if there is a low ROI.

How do you feel about social media and brands? What are some companies you think could do without social media? Let us know!

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