Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Social Media’s Growing Role in Crises

Monday’s terrible and startling Boston Marathon bombings undoubtedly put the nation in a state of shock. Among the fear and utter devastation in the wake of the event, social media has allowed for stories of inspiration and true compassion to emerge.

During the height Monday’s events, certain groups and individuals used social media to their fullest advantage with one shared goal: helping those in need.

The Boston Police Department did an excellent job keeping the public and the media up to speed on what was happening. Among the many rumors and false tweets that circulated, they constantly set the record straight.  

Just hours after the bombing, The American Red Cross tweeted the following, showing how quickly people had responded to help:
Another inspirational moment came when a Google Doc began circulating via Twitter. The document was created by Boston residents who had space to offer up in their homes for those affected by the bombings. Soon after, the document grew to include thousands of listings. Take a look at the document here

Finally, one of the most moving tweets of the day came from the NBC Sports Network. If you need a small reminder that there is still good in the world, read this tweet and remember it:

Did you see any other inspirational posts on social media? Be sure to share them with us. 

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