Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Twitter Chats for PR Pros

In public relations, it is essential that you have a like-minded friend and colleague who truly understands what a PR person does. To many people, the obsessive email checking, our crazy attention to detail, and dedication to a profession that many people overlook is baffling. It’s great to have a group of supportive professionals who can have an appreciation and understanding for what you do. Other professionals also tend to be some of our greatest untapped resources.

One place I have been able to connect with other dedicated professionals has been on social media, more specifically Twitter Chats! Twitter Chats are a great time to make connections while gaining information about a specific topic of interest. Because Twitter Chats are virtual, you have access to professionals you may never have met otherwise. 

Here are some great Twitter Chats you should mark your calendars for:

#InternPro: an open discussion moderated by @YouTern, enables young professionals to successfully enter the workforce; topics typically include internships, job interview skills, networking, personal branding and entry-level career development. When: Mondays, 9pm to 10pm ET.

#JournChat: “Conversation between journalists, bloggers and public relations folks. Moderated by @PRsarahevans.” When: 7:00pm to 10pm CST.

#MeasurePr: Dedicated to discussing all things related to public relations measurement, including social media. Often features expert guests. Founded and curated by @shonali. See the WTHashtag page for more details; bi-weekly on Tuesdays, 12-1 pm ET.

#PinChat: Pinterest Chat. Weekly Twitter chat Wed 9PM ET, founded by Kelly Lieberman@tribe2point0 to discuss best practices, new uses, highlight brand usage, personal/professional use and tools for Pinterest. Details athttp://kellylieberman.wordpress.com/what-is-pinchat/

#PrwebChat: Chat with influencers and learn about their PR techniques, online marketing strategies, social media strategies and similar topics. Topics include PR, SEO, social media and the like for individuals, agencies and small businesses. Moderated by @prweb#prweb When: Every other Thursday, 1:00pm to 1:30pm CST.

#AgencyChat: Chat for those working or interested in ad agencies. Moderated by@craigritchie. Facebook page. When: Fridays, 1:00pm to 2:00pm CST.

For a full list of other great Twitter Chats, check out this post by San Francisco PR Girl.

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