Friday, August 9, 2013

Campus Rep Programs + PR Students = Perfect Match

Campus representative programs have been around for quite some time but I have noticed more recently that more and more companies are turning to college students to get their name out there. And who can blame them? We are the most connected generation, due largely in part to our social media addictions, who can reach very large audiences. So why not offer a college student a chance to promote a brand.

After attending a three day campus rep training program last week, I now fully understand why so many businesses are creating these programs. Not only is a great way to offer students an opportunity to gain real world experience, it is also a relatively inexpensive and creative way to increase profit.

The typical campus rep is an outgoing, engaged and well-connected student on campus. They work to promote a brand as a part-time job and can represent a non-profit, Fortune 500, or a start-up  The job may consist of giving out brand swag, hosting events, running local marketing efforts, and much more. Many reps are paid top dollars for their work while other reps get thousands of dollars of swag. Some reps even get full-time job offers after their part-time work! One thing is clear about the campus rep job: it gives any student great marketing experience, a great resume filler, and--most importantly--an unforgettable experience during college.

This recent explosion of campus rep programs all around the nation is especially beneficial to aspiring PR pros, even if you aren't super experienced yet. Most campus rep programs specifically seek out student majoring in PR, communications or marketing. And what student wouldn't want to help develop his or her skills in the areas of marketing, promotions, communications, sales and public relations. The program I am enrolled in will help me gain event planning experience which is something that I have been looking for in an internship during my past three years as a college student!

Are you a rep for a brand on your campus? Which one? Let us know!

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