Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do You Buffer?

In a social media world, finding the time to promote yourself and share other content you find online can become overwhelming very quickly. There is always a new article to read, video to watch, or blog that you think your friend would love to read. Trying to share all of this information at once can result in you filling your timeline or newsfeed with a pile of links and multimedia which your followers may find overwhelming or annoying. There is definitely a thin line between sharing and spamming. Thankfully, Buffer, a social media app for your phone and internet browser, helps you share smarter!

Buffer creates a smarter way to share and schedule your social media posts. It allows you to use a traditional scheduling method, where you select a time and date for your post to go live, or you can chose to "buffer" your post. Basically, Buffer will handle the hard part and helps you to create a strategic sharing schedule that suits your needs.

With the basic FREE buffer account, inside the dashboard you can create a schedule with set times that you would like your content to be posted. As you "buffer" your posts, each post will be filled into a pre-defined time slot! This allows you to spread your posts out throughout the day, without all of the hassle. This tool is great for anyone promoting the same piece of content, such as an event or upcoming deadline, throughout the day. You can also plan to buffer posts for the week, and easily move things around via the web or your smart phone if there are any changes in your schedule.

One of Buffer's best features, in my opinion, is how easy it makes it for you to share other's content.

By adding a browser extension, which takes all of 30 seconds via the Buffer dashboard, makes it easy to click and share any content that you find online. You can chose to share the post instantly, "buffer it" among your other posts, or schedule it manually. Buffer does all of the cutting and pasting for you, and gets information out to your followers in a strategic and convenient way.

Have you tried Buffer yet? What tools do you use to keep track of your social media? We'd love to hear from you!

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