Thursday, August 15, 2013

Four Things You Should Never Do In The Name Of PR

As upcoming professionals in the field of PR, its important you become familiar with these four things you should never do in the name of PR. While reading through the PR for dummies book, they mentioned the following don't do's:

1. Lie or Mislead- The saying "honesty is the best policy" is something us, upcoming professional, should follow. In this field being dishonest makes things worst. Whatever is in the dark always comes to light, therefore save yourself the embarrassment and never practice lying.

2. Procrastinate- In the PR world everything runs on deadlines. Therefore its advisable you prioritize and get things done, don't wait last minute to complete a task.

3. Offer a Bribe - Firstly its illegal to offer a bribe in any profession. Offering a bribe is unprofessional and should never be done. This shows that you have a low self esteem in your work; your writing should be able to speak for itself.

4.Stonewall- Don't ever say "no comment" to a reporter. Reporters will quickly assume you are guilty.

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