Thursday, December 19, 2013

Instagram Has The Best of ALL Worlds?

The social media network that pushes people to capture and share moments continues to expand their niche. Instagram, the photo-sharing network is now offering direct messaging. This new feature was introduced on Instagram last Thursday.

Does Instagram really have the best of ALL worlds? They managed to create an all rounded network. They now offer videos and direct messaging, which could cause  people to become hesitant on venturing out onto other social media networks. As for me, the moment Instagram introduced  the aforementioned features, I abandoned both my Snapchat and Vine apps seeing that Instagram now provides their features.

From a business stand point, Instagram certainly created an area for organizations, marketing managers and aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their target audience in a more efficient way. Organizations are now given the opportunity to showcase their product through Instagram video. Companies can now show a product demonstration or even submit a video of someone using their service. Gone are the days, of a business having only one option to get to their audience. With the new direct messaging, companies could now get more personal with their consumers. Sending out pictures of their new product or new offering to their selected fans is now an option. Click here to see the video on Instagram Direct Messaging.

What are your views on Instagram's  new features? Let us know!

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