Sunday, November 2, 2014

3 Ways To Turn Your Internship Into A Full Time Job

As an intern, you are constantly striving to make yourself stand out. This can be hard to do especially if you are working in an office full of interns who seem to know what they’re doing. If you’re looking to land a full-time job with the company, remembering these 3 tips to impress your boss can help push you to the top. 

Ask Questions
Your boss knows that as an intern you don’t know every little detail of how the company works. Never be timid to ask questions when you are confused about an assignment. Your boss will most likely admire your curiosity to learn the ins and outs of the company. Especially when you are hoping for the company to hire you- it’s always best for them if they can save some time by not having to train someone new.

Volunteer to take on more responsibility
Showing enthusiasm, interest, and proactive engagement in individual and team assignments is a great way to boost your advancement in the company. Making an effort to fit in with the culture and mission of the company, by taking on extra responsibilities can impress your boss and show you have what it takes.

Stay engaged
Check with your immediate boss after completing an assignment, schedule periodic reviews and volunteer as much as you can. Doing these things shows your boss some serious initiative, which is something they yearn for.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Nicole Beck. 

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