Thursday, April 9, 2009

Running Effective Meetings

The other day I attended a meeting in the Village of the Student Center for PRSSA. It was a workshop highlighting how to run effective meetings, which covered great tips and named the "5 P's," which I'll share below.

1. Purpose
Why is the meeting be held?
2. Participants
Who is invited or should attend the meeting?
3. Planning
Create an agenda, stay organized and on task.
4. Participation
How can members or participants be involved during the meeting?
5. Perspective
Evaluate the meeting; was it successful? Did you accomplish the necessary tasks?

Additional tips:
-Keep the discussion on topic
-Try and stay neutral on all issues
-Make sure your meeting space is of appropriate size and there is enough room for everyone
-Encourage all members to participate in discussions
-Address unfinished or newly resolved issues from previous meetings

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