Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ciao from Italy!

Since I got caught up in the pre-departure frenzy and was unable to blog last week, I thought that this week I'd share a little bit about my first few days without American media and how it's affected me. I'm so used to having information right at my fingertips; back home I can turn on CNN, get online in a second and even grab a paper on my way to class or work. Here that's a different story.

I flew into Rome with Reilly Fies last Wednesday. Before departing, we said goodbye to our loved ones as well as all of our technology. Our American phones wouldn't work here, our laptops were packed up, and the TVs on the planes didn't have CNN or BBC. After leaving Philadelphia we used the Internet when we could, (at Heathrow airport and at a hostel we stayed at in Ostia) but we mainly used it to say hi to friends and family.

When we got to our residence in Rome, we figured out how to get the Internet to work and tried to catch up on things that we had been missing for a few days. We looked at blogs, Twitter, Philly.com and other sites that we use back home.

The point of this whole blog is that I didn't think I would appreciate online media in Italy more than I did in the US. That changed when I got here and I had no way of knowing what was going on back home except for the Internet! I will continue to depend on online media to get news for the next six weeks, unless I learn Italian and can watch news or read papers here!

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