Sunday, May 10, 2009

MySpace Tries to Compete

Check out this article on Business Week's website about MySpace trying to compete with the ever increasing popularity of Facebook.

As public relation professionals, it has become critical to follow social media and that means staying on top of what is garnering the most attention and what sites are the most popular.

We all are familiar with the battle between Facebook and MySpace... Currently Facebook is winning with 236 million unique visitors worldwide since January compared to MySpace which holds 126 million globally. But according to analysis based on unique visitors and time spent on the sites, MySpace still has an edge!

Advertising is major threat each site has against one another. So what can MySpace do to stay in the game? They offer a "home-page takeover," something Facebook does not have. But is it enough?

What do you think? Are the days of MySpace over or is there still a chance for the original social site? What will it take for MySpace to maintain growth like Facebook?

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