Thursday, November 4, 2010

Philly Ad Club

Countless communications professionals have advised students to become involved in their professional fields after graduation. I have been told multiple times to join professional communications organizations. I plan to become a part of several organizations for public relations professionals after I graduate in May. However, I did not know there were groups I could become a member of while still in college.
I attended the "Personal Branding Boot Camp", presented by Philly Ad Club, last week. In addition to learning some of the most useful tips about personal branding, resumes, cover letters and social media, I was made aware of the opportunity for students to join while still in college. For $10, I immediately became a member of the Philly Ad Club.
What are the benefits of becoming a member of a professional organization while still in school? Read below!

Build Your Resume
- Participate in events and workshops for free or at a reduced cost
- Receive opportunities to visit advertising agencies, career seminars and panel discussions
- Leadership opportunities among many of the committees available to join

Expand Your Network
- Participate in the mentoring program where you are paired with a professional in the area you want to pursue
- Network with professionals in the industry

Opportunities To Get a Job
- Internship and job postings on

All of these benefits are amazing for a student to have while still in college. The Philly Ad Club stands out among other professional organizations because it allows students to join before they graduate. As a public relations practitioner, I am a huge believer of networking with professionals in other industries. By joining an advertising professional organization, I will have the opportunity to meet people I will work closely with in the future.

Join today! Check out Philly Ad Club's website for more information.

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