Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Temple Cookie Selection Day 2010

Yesterday, millions of Americans fulfilled their civic duty by visiting their local polling places and making sure their voice was heard for the 2010 midterm primary election. In order to raise school spirit and remind students to vote, Temple University Dining Services held their own mock election yesterday, known as Temple Cookie Selection Day 2010.

Throughout election day, students were able to vote on an official poll in the Student Center, Johnson & Hardwick cafeteria or the Learning Center on Ambler Campus to select the first official Temple cookie. Voters had four delicious candidates to choose from: Cherry and White, Red Hot Temple Berry Smash, Coconut Cherry Champ and MY-T Red Velvet Chunk. All four candidates were available for sample tastings and students were then able to fill out a ballot voting for their favorite sweet treat. After the ballots have been counted, the newly elected cookie will be available for purchase at the Student Center and retail satellite locations, such as Lucky Cups and Fresh Bytes.

I think Temple Dining Services did a great job with their Cookie Selection Day campaign because not only were they effective in involving and engaging the student body in a fun and creative way, they were also able to remind and encourage students to participate in the primary midterm elections. Although all of the candidates were delicious, I made sure I voted for Coconut Cherry Champ and enjoyed the rest of my samples while waiting in line at the polls.

Do you think Temple Dining Services' campaign was effective and successful at engaging the student body? Let us know what you think!

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