Friday, November 19, 2010

Target's Social Media Holiday Strategy

A recent PRowl alum, Brianna Fisher, brought a article to my attention yesterday about Target and one of its holiday advertising initiatives: promoted Twitter ads that carry the #BlackFriday hashtag.

The retailer is using this promoted trend to build hype about a daily gift card sweepstakes that will take place until Saturday, November 27. The link in the promoted tweets brings visitors to a page of the company's website that has a countdown to the shopping extravaganza, gives ways to enter the sweepstakes and "join the conversation," two-day shopping strategies and tips, and much more.

The #BlackFriday hashtag is spreading quickly as people weigh in on the promotion, their plans for Black Friday shopping, as well as their complaints (who does like those crowds, anyways??).

Target is not shy about getting involved in social media. In addition to taking advantage of advertising possibilities on Twitter, the company just launched a partnership with location startup ShopKick to offer rewards for checkins, and even offers Facebook credits in stores.

Check out the article here to learn more!

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