Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Use Twitter to Help Find a Job

As a last semester senior, the pressure is on to find a job for after graduation in May. In this slowly recovering economy, students need to utilize any means necessary to look for job opportunities. That includes using social media to connect with potential employers and search for job openings.

I posted a Tweet yesterday (@evannicholson) asking if any of my followers had suggestions for the best Twitter profiles/users to follow when searching for a job. A friend and fellow PRSSA member advised me to check out this article. The article breaks down how to get started using social media professionally in order to search for a job.

The main takeaway I had from this article is to sign up for the free use of TweetMyJobs. The service is able to "connect employers and recruiters with targeted job candidates instantly any time a new job is posted to our service." Employers and people looking for jobs are able to connect with targeted users.

If you have any additional users or services to use for job searching, share them with everyone!

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