Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Audience for Nestle

In any campaign, when you craft a message it is necessary to identify your audiences. This remains true even if your audience happens to have wet noses and wagging tails. This is the case with Nestle, a major pet food supplier.

They recently launched their first television commercial that is tailored to appeal to dogs and their owners. The company used a high-frequency tone, much like that of a dog whistle that humans can't really hear, but will cause a dog to pay attention to what is on the screen. Xavier Perez, Brand Manager of Beneful for Europe explains, "The television commercial aims to reach both the pet and the owner, supporting the special one-to-one relationship between them".

The 23-second commercial will be playing in Austria this week for their German customers. They were inspired by an advertising campaign in Germany that attracted dogs with scented posters. Just like any project, the company first had to do research into what sounds would appeal to dogs and what they should incorporate into the commercial for them to perk up their ears.

Do you think Nestle's new commercial will be successful?

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