Friday, October 28, 2011

Tools for a Professional Tweeter

As someone who spends a lot of time on Twitter, whether for personal use or when managing a client's social media efforts, I loved the aritcle of Ragan's PR Daily, Tweet like a pro: 8 Twitter Tools to Try. The tools range from optimizing the timing of posts to building your network with relevant followers. The following are a few that I have either used or plan on using in the future:

1. Tweriod: Ever wondered which times of the day would be the best for you to tweet? Look no further. Tweriod gives you a wonderful analysis of when you will be able to reach the most followers. The app takes into account how well your tweets perform at various times and when your followers tweet the most.

I love using Tweriod for both my own account and my clients' accounts because there are many times that I wonder when my posts would receive the most amplification with followers. Tweriod takes all of the guess work out and provides you with insightful analytics on optimal posting times.

2. ParrotFish: ParrotFish from labs is a wonderful productivity tool that will save you a lot of time. It displays all links from the tweets you come across with rich text preview. This means you can read the post from the link before clicking through.

This is a tool I plan on using in the future because there are several times when I click through a link and it turns out to be a big waste of my time. Now I can save time and only read articles that are of interest.

3. TweetLevel: While building your network on Twitter, it is often key to make the people you engage with relevant and impactful for your niche. TweetLevel offers a wonderful solution to search other Twitter users by a number of different parameters. For example, you can search by influence, trust, engagement or popularity. It is then very easy to follow and start talking to these people right from the app.

I am incredibly excited to start using this tool for our clients. It can sometimes be difficult finding the right users to connect with. By analyzing users through a variety of metrics, it will be easier to build a network of relevant followers.

To read about the other 5 Twitter tools for professionals, read the rest of the article here.

What are some of your favorite social media tools? Let us know!

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