Monday, October 24, 2011

What does Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) Mean?

Doctors have it, lawyers have it, and now PR pros have it too: a title. You may notice that your PR professors may have APR next to their name. So, what does that mean? APR is short for Accreditation in Public Relations, a graduate program designed to demonstrate competency in the knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice public relations effectively.

How do you earn your APR? Candidates must complete some form of education whether it be online classes, an independent case study, or independent readings, and finally pass an exam to demonstrate knowledge in modern PR practices.

Not sure about earning your APR? Those who earn the creditation are set apart from the rest of the PR professional community. In order to maintain active status, APRs are required to continue their education by volunteering, participating in development activities, or taking supplementary courses. The main benefit that APRs attest to is the community, that there is always a connection for APRs to network with other professionals who can mentor and guide them to furthering their career in PR with the leadership skills and dedication aquired from the APR program.

In a competitive job market, it is important to set yourself apart from the crowd, and earning your APR may do just that, proving to yourself and your colleagues that you are both committed to the field of Public Relations as well as knowledgable to current trends, making you invaluable to any employer.

To learn more about how to earn your APR, click here.

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Another meaning of APR is used in determining a fair loan. The closer the APR matches the interest rate the better the loan.
What does APR stand for?

I hope this helps.