Monday, June 18, 2012

Crafting the Perfect Social Media Post

Social media is currently at the Mecca of public relations. It's almost impossible to avoid using social media, nor would it be a good idea to. But sometimes, crafting the perfect social media post can be challenging. When do I shorten? Link or no link? Abbreviations? Below are some times on crafting the perfect social media post:
  • Include links: The answer to the link or no link question should always be link. Oftentimes, social media posts that include links are most shared. Links also allow you to point to research or stats without explicitly having to say, research shows...just show them!
  • Opt for timely news: If you can't give breaking news, give news to your audience that is informational or interesting. Fun and interesting facts leads to more shares which means more notoriety for your client.
  • Calm down: Don't be the one who TWEETS IN ALL CAPS TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS. Whether you capitalize or not, your point will still come across. I actually find myself skipping really obnoxious tweets, finding them to be less credible or professional.
  • Embrace verbosity, to an extent: When a tweet starts to get close to the word limit, people tend not to share it as much because they want to add their own two cents, and either are too lazy or unaware of how to shorten words to allow a personal comment. Either way, make it easier for your audience and try to keep it short and sweet.
Are you keeping these tips in mind when posting on your client's social media channels? Do you have any additional tips? Let us know!

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