Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Perfect Tweet

Although there is no magic formula for the perfect tweet, there are components that make a tweet the most effective. Research highlighted in PR Daily’s article, “The Anatomy of the Perfect Tweet,” suggests eight tips to the perfect tweet.

Contributors of the eight tips are researchers from UCLA and Hewlett-Packard’s HP Labs who released a nine-page essay on how to predict the popularity of a tweet with an 84 percent accuracy rate.
The eight tips are also comprised of social media guru, Dan Zarrella author of “The Social Media Marketing Book,” who spent nine months analyzing 45 million tweets.
1. Include link- Including a link in a tweet is proven three times more likely to get a hit. A link tells the audience that you are sharing more than a personal opinion but another piece of information.

2. Timely news- Tweets relating to current events are shown to be more popular among an audience.

3. Share niche news- Researchers at UCLA and HP Labs found that specific industries such as health news and celebrities were amongst the most popular topics on Twitter.

4. There’s no I in team- Using “You” instead of “I” can help your tweets get shared.

5. Caps lock off- USING CAPITALS in your Tweets are only a deterrent for an audience researchers discovered.

6. Leave a little wiggle room- By having your tweets less than 140 characters, it allows for other to retweet you and include a comment.

7. Punctuation points- Punctuation isn’t lost on the Twitter world. Colons and periods are used most often. However avoid using exclamation points as researchers found your audience can be misinterpreted.

8. It’s ok to name drop- Brands matter on Twitter. Researchers found that mentioning brands in a tweet such as Apple, allows for you and your audience to connect to trending stories and each other.
Next time you tweet think of these 8 tips to help build your feed.

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