Friday, June 15, 2012

Do I Really Need An Internship?

Needing an internship and wanting an internship are two very different things. Most students shy away from even thinking about the dreaded word until late in their college years. For PR students, however, I have learned that internships are essential in starting a career in the field, however you should want the job – not just apply because you think you need it.
For one, internships allow for you to gain valuable experience. You are given the opportunity to apply what you are learning in the classroom to a real world situation. Not all internships are based around running errands, making copies and fetching the coffee.
Internships are also great resume builders. This is the biggest perk I have found in completing an internship. And it goes beyond merely putting the name of the company you worked for on a piece of paper! Internships become great talking points in future interviews and it is always impressive when you can talk about what you have learned.
Some people have asked me if I think internships are still worthwhile. My answer is always yes. According to an infographic based off a 2012 survey from, now more than ever, internships are likely to lead you to a full-time job offer.
Here are some important findings about interning that Online Colleges uncovered:
·         College credit for internships are provided at most colleges – make sure you fill out all of the required paperwork
·         Internships allow students to decide if the industry is right for them – but don’t base your decision off of one experience; every internship is different
·         In 2011, more than half of internships were paid (about 52%) – unfortunately most PR interns are unpaid but things are looking up!
·         Social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) were pointed out as the least effective method of recruitment – this means get off the computer and look to your school’s career center for upcoming job fairs

The time to apply for fall internships is fast approaching! Start looking for your opportunity now so you are ahead of the game.

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