Sunday, November 10, 2013

Are You Using The Internet To Its Full Extent?

Today, the Internet is one of the most helpful tools a publicist can use.  Recently I heard from a few speakers a few websites that seemed like must-knows for a public relations specialist.  While we are all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram experts, here are some other websites that will be helpful to you and your public relations career:
  1. -, or HARO, can offer you that extra story you did not know you could have had.  HARO is a free website that emails you three times a day with publicity alerts from journalists looking for article assistance from publicists. HARO is partnered with some of the top journalists in the country, such as ABC.  Also, it allows you to make connections with even more journalists than before!
  2. - helps you create and promote new content.  The ‘seek’ feature lets you search editorial news from all over the web.  After you find what you are seeking, you can ask the SeekOrShout community for its help with your search by requesting an interview, product review or helpful document.  The ‘shout’ option allows you to promote or announce new content.  People who follow you or who follow the topics you tag, will be able to see the post and use it themselves.  This website is a great way to help you with a blog post, find someone to help you promote your new product, and promote your new content.
  3. – PitchEngine is the sleekest way to release your press releases.  They claim that, “It combines the readability of a magazine with the immersive experience of an app.”  It allows people to interact with your press release and also share it with others.  It automatically formats your press releases for viewing on any smart phone.  PitchEngine also allows you to leverage your release, reach more networks make it more searchable and even tracks your release and lets you see where it is being published.  The basic package of PitchEngine is free, however there are other packages with more features that will cost you a bit more.

Also, do not forget to follow websites that are specialized to the field you are working.  You never know where there is an extra story you can find!

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Jackie Grillo.

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