Friday, November 8, 2013

Media Pitching 101

Media pitching is a critical part of a PR professional's career. Becoming a pitching expert, however, is not easy. The reality is that we are competing in a crowded marketplace, and won't always be playing with a winning hand. The best way to become successful at pitching is to recognize your boundaries, develop best practices and solid relationships, and never give up. 

Here are some tips for creating successful media pitches:

Creating Content
  • Tie Into Media Agenda
  • Link To Trends 
  • Exploit Pop Culture
  • Use A Holiday Angle
  • Make It Unique

Make The Pitch
  • Reference Earlier Work 
  • Find A Connection
  • Make it Personal 

Follow Up
  • Email First, Then Call
  • Never Say "Did You Get It?"
Do you have any tips to make your pitch stand out? We want to know!

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