Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PR Resources: Newsletters + Tiny Letter

Many PR Professionals utilize e-newsletters to help send messages about their clients directly to their audiences. What better way to connect someone to a person, product, or organization than by sending something that they can interact and engage with? But to what extent are audiences truly engaging when they receive one, possibly of many, newsletters in their inbox? What is to stop them from counting what you see as news as just another piece of junk mail? Or better yet, why would they subscribe to content that they may be able to easily find on a blog or website? Tiny Letter, a service from the same group that brings you services like Mail Chimp, can help take your engagement from zero to sixty!

Unlike many other newsletter services, Tiny Letter is completely free to use and and offers many unique services. For starters, Tiny Letter is set up as more of a personal note to subscribers than a traditional newsletter. It leaves less room for photos and links and more more true and sincere content. When readers receive a "tiny letter" in their inbox, it looks and feels much more like that person is emailing them personally.

Tiny Letter also includes the option for subscribers to reply to their letter -- a huge bonus for PR Pros looking to measure the reach of content! What better way to monitor or track the response to your content than by actually tracking the responses! The writer of the newsletter can also respond back and forth with subscribers via the Tiny Letter dashboard, allowing them to continue the conversation.

In addition to all of these tools for engagement, Tiny Letter does allow you to add personal flare to your newsletter. Through the easy to use dashboard, users can customize the look and feel of their subscribe pages and each individual letter. This makes it incredibly easy to add logos and branding touches, keeping all of the fine details in line.

Have you ever created or subscribed to an e-newsletter? Would you consider using Tiny Letter to do so? Let us know!

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