Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Student PR Blogs

I love reading blogs in my spare time. Reading blogs helps me to feel in the loop with what is going on in the PR industry. Also, reading other blogs is great for getting ideas for blog posts of our own here at PRowl Public Relations.

Throughout my time blogging, I've found some great PR blogs written by other PR students.

A Step Ahead by Rachel Esterline: Rachel always has great posts full of PR advice from both herself and other PR professionals. I love reading about her experiences in PR and I have definitely learned a lot from her.

PR Start by Nick Lucido: Nick is another great blogger whose posts have taught me more about social media. He also always posts great links to other interesting blogs and sites.

A Blogging Palooza
by Janet Aronica: Janet's most recent posts about college grades is something that I think every student should read. Janet's creative style of writing always keeps me checking back to her blog.

Also, many PR professors have began blogging as a way to teach their students more about social media, and to get them actively involved. Check out two of my favorite PR professors' blogs.

Teaching PR by Karen Miller and Public Relations Matters by Barbara Nixon.

What are your favorite PR blogs?


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jessica!!

I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I like to share my experiences and I hope they help other PR students.

Anonymous said...

aww, thanks for the love, Jess! I'm glad you like :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel and Nick's blogs are great reads. I haven't heart of Janet's blog before reading your post, but I just added her RSS feed to my Google Reader.

I have a PR blog that I think some students would be interested in, but certainly not every PR student is interested in sports PR.

Sports PR Blog -