Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Break, Anyone?

Even though many students are gearing up for an exciting spring break, one popular destination is going to be less crowded this year. I have been seeing the problems that Mexico is facing with drug related violence in the news, but until recently I wasn't aware of just how serious it had gotten.

I was watching CNN the other day, and I learned that the State Department had issued a travel alert for anyone planning on going to Mexico. Low and behold, all Temple students and faculty received e-mails today that reinstated what the State Department had said. The e-mails also urged students to research their travel plans before departing, to ensure that they had a safe spring break. Temple also provided a link for students to visit to learn more about what the State Department had said, as well a link for recommendations on what you should do if you're traveling to Mexico. Students could also call the Office of the Dean of Students with questions or concerns.

I thought that it was really great that Temple sent out those e-mails. Even though many students had already heard about the situation in Mexico, it's still important for Temple to get that information out to students and faculty, especially with spring break right around the corner. Sometimes it's easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond at Temple, but by letting students know that they could come to the university with their questions and concerns about traveling on spring break really showed how much they care about their students.

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