Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness: The Ultimate PR Tool for Colleges and Universities Across the U.S.

Everyone knows what March means...March Madness!

The NCAA basketball tournament which begins this week pits the best college basketball teams against one another for the title of NCAA Basketball Champions.

What does this have to do with PR, one might ask?


Many high school students base their college choice on athletics. If not just for athletics, many young high school students may hear about a certain college because of their fame for a certain sport. During March Madness, 65 college teams get the opportunity to put on their best faces for a month full of free public relations.

Even if you're not a sports fan, names of colleges and universities are definitely thrown around during the entire month. Schools that may have been previously unknown have a chance to come out of the woodwork.

I posed the question "Do you think March Madness is a good PR tool for colleges?" on Twitter. Check out some of the responses:

For recruits, sponsors & TV stations (advertising/media relations) for sure. It’s big money.The academic program is associated w/conference too (I think), so from that standpoint too yes.

Definitely think that March Madness can be a great PR tool - school specific, though. The Cinderella story, etc. especially.

Great opportunity for specific ones with well spoken coaches & players who work hard/aren't punks

Ive always seen college sports as PR campaigns for their respective schools--it gets them a lot of attention/press, especially if they do well!

Do you think that March Madness can be a good PR tool for colleges? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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