Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tips for Creating a PR Plan

The other day while reading the latest headlines from I came across an article, "10 steps to creating a winning PR plan." Putting together a public relations campaign can be a daunting task. At PRowl Public Relations its a team effort with the account executive, myself as an assistant firm director, as well as account members work together to create a comprehensive PR plan for our clients. Of course our advisor and firm director assist in the editing process as well. Click here for the full article, while I've listed the 10 steps below:

1. Know your company's or client's current situation
2. Know your resources
3. Know your objectives and goals
4. Know and define your target audience(s)
5. List messages and strategies
6. Define the tactics you will use
7. Create a timeline for implementation
8. Delegate obligations and responsibilities
9. Create measurements of results/success
10. Review the plan

Do you have any tips for creating a great PR plan? We'd love to hear them!

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