Friday, April 9, 2010

Hook Recruiters on LinkedIn

As opposed to Facebook, LinkedIn should be utilized as your professional social networking site. It is not to update friends about your weekend happenings, but instead to "link in" with professionals in your area of interest as well as to stay connected with other professionals you meet while networking. LinkedIn can also be used to see who's hiring who, but according to this article by Liz Seasholtz (with contribution from Lewis Howes, author of LinkedWorking), you need to be a little more refined with your professional online identity.

Here are a few tricks to help lure recruiters:

Be Complete
LinkedIn says you're 40 times more likely to turn up in a search if your profile is complete.

Fly Under the Radar
You most likely don't want people to know you viewed their profile. If this is true, go to the homepage and click "Who's viewed my profile?" in the right column. Then click "Edit Visibility Settings" and select "Don't show users that I've viewed their profile."

Start a Group
Being the owner of a group raises your visibility. Anytime someone views it they see your name and Web site.

Custom URLs are easier to remember, look better in an e-mail signature and increase your profile's rank in search results.

Create a Compelling Headline
If you're unemployed, state your specialty where you would normally put your title.

Say Cheese!
Keep your profile pic professional!

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Unknown said...

LinkedIn is such a great website, and i knew that it was to link in with other professionals in the field, but i was exactly sure how to make it really work for me. This post definitely offered great tips for me to make sure my linkedin profile is successful and beneficial to me as well keeping a professional appeal.