Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook Favors "Like" Over "Become a Fan"

Facebook has recently indicated that it has plans to replace the "Become a fan" button for branded pages with a simple "like" button, according to an article by David Berkowitz on Following the change, branded pages will accumulate "connections," as opposed to "fans."

This change has several important implications for those who use Facebook:
  • "This change narrows the list of actions available to Facebook fans, and consolidates the bulk of interactions fans will have with brand content to 'Like,' 'Comment' and 'Share,'" Berkowitz says.
  • According to Berkowitz, Facebook has indicated that it does not plan on explaining this change to users. As a result, Berkowitz forecasts some confusion between clicking "like" to indicate acknowledgment of another user's action, and clicking "like" to subscribe to a page.
  • Berkowitz says that this change will have a big effect on online marketers--particularly those running engagement ads. "'Liking' content comes far more naturally to the average Facebook user than becoming a fan of content, meaning that users will be more inclined to click on an ad that invites them to 'Like' a brand than one that asks them to 'Become a Fan' of a brand," he said. This simple "like," as opposed to having people "raise their hands and declare themselves fans," can also weaken the association between companies and their online publics.
Be sure to check out the article for more details!

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